Best OTT Platform Marketing Strategies to Boost Engagement and Revenue

The world has moved from screening movies at theaters to viewing them on TV. Thanks to video streaming sites like Netflix, Disney+, HULU, Prime Video, Hotstar, and more. Consumers now have access to OTT video streaming platforms that combine the power of television with the flexibility and innovations of the internet. Streaming services are starting to rule the entertainment industry more and more. Every day, the typical user spends about 1 hour and 18 minutes streaming videos. Now the question is, how can you get them to spend those 78 minutes on your streaming service? The answer is excellent content paired with ideal OTT marketing strategies.

11 Marketing Tools to Increase Your OTT Platform Audience & Revenue

If you can’t bring in new customers and boost your current OTT platform revenue streams, what’s the point of owning an OTT streaming company? Growing your client base and convincing consumers to spend more money on your OTT app is simpler than ever with the appropriate marketing strategy and guidance! In this post, you will discover various OTT platform marketing strategies that you may use to grow your clientele and raise your revenue.

  • Work on SEO

Just because you’ve created a website and written some content on it, It won’t automatically gain popularity. To increase traffic, SEO work will be necessary. Your site should be optimized for the Google search engine. SEO is not rocket science.

Using powerful keywords relevant to your website, having an appropriate meta description in place, etc. are a few of the common measures to increase your SEO.

  • Create a Buzz on Social Forums

You can communicate directly with your users through social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, which helps to increase the reach of your business. You might consider generating curiosity before your debut with interesting, enlightening posts and responding to any queries from your community.

Furthermore, with the help of “Simulcasting” technology offered by a few OTT platforms, you may simultaneously broadcast your content over several social media platforms without compromising stream quality.

  • Use Email Notifications

Each subscriber’s email address is a valuable resource! Use this resource to keep your subscribers informed and interested in the kind of content you are launching. Email notifications could form the basis of your marketing plan if it is properly planned and executed.

These notifications frequently serve as a prompt or incentive for people to come back to your platform and watch their preferred episodes. Fact: Emails have a clickthrough rate that is 50–100 times higher than that of Facebook or Twitter.

  • Use Analytics to Track KPIs and Improve

After the content has been released, you might wish to evaluate the effectiveness of your OTT marketing approach. These days, many OTT providers offer a variety of analytical tools.

While some OTT platforms can simply provide you with impressions and minimal statistics, other OTT video platforms, like CONTUS Vplayed, allow you to incorporate significant third-party analytics tools like Google Analytics, Microsoft Analytics, and others.

  • Make Use of Coupons & Referrals

Coupons and referral programs work well at turning site visitors into paying customers. You might provide discount codes and discounts for your most recent content to draw in more prospects and convert them into paying clients. Referral programs are also quite helpful when trying to get new clients.

  • Engage Your Users With Push Notifications

As a marketer for OTT streaming, engaging as many consumers as you can and getting them to return to your website or app should be your primary goal. But how to increase engagement in OTT?

Did you know that, on average, 71% of Android and iOS users choose to receive push notifications? This offers a fantastic chance to interact with your users and has non-intrusive communication with them.

Your user engagement strategy must include push notifications since they can boost engagement rates by more than 80%. To create a smooth user experience and maximize the impact of your push notifications you need to personalize them. Based on user actions within the app, these tailored push messages may be scheduled or triggered campaigns.

  • Recommend Personalized Content

To offer viewers a highly customized content recommendation experience, OTT platforms should use AI-based recommender systems. 

Since there is a lot of competition in this market, if a customer feels that your OTT suggestions do not match the TV show or song they want to watch, they may switch to a competitor almost immediately.

  • Multi-Device Support

Offering content across a variety of devices will increase user satisfaction and content consumption (particularly on platforms that your target demographic prefers).

Pro Tip: Consider your target audience’s preferred devices, as well as the countries from where they download. Knowing this in advance will guarantee that your OTT app gets in front of the right audience.

  • Collect Critical User Feedback

Customer feedback is crucial for any business to create a better customer experience, and video streaming services are no exception. The goal should be to strengthen skysilk parler amazonallynnpr the bond between the brand and the consumer.

Soliciting people’s opinions is a good idea. Even if they choose not to purchase, you still acquire insight that you can use to enhance your service.

  • Leverage In-App Messaging Campaigns

One of the persistent problems faced by OTT platforms is how to increase the view time on the app. Giving customers an in-app messaging system that perfectly matches their watching history encourages them to stay in the app longer and piques their interest.

This might be viewed as a special instance of the cross-selling media material. Utilizing in-app messages also motivates users to interact with fresh content without interfering with the user experience.

  • Use Product Badges to Drive Premium Subscriptions

The majority of OTT providers give consumers a 30-day trial period before letting them choose to sign up for a premium membership. However, users are forced to pick between various subscription options due to rising competition and exclusive premium content.

Use product badges to inform users about all the various content options available to them. For instance, if you have two plans—VIP and Premium—each with a different set of offerings, you can use product badges to inform users about which content is available as a part of each plan.

Start Working on Your OTT Marketing Strategy

Start marketing your OTT app right away! Whether you’re beginning from scratch or want to grow your existing brand, all you need to do is some basic research to identify the platforms that will best market your niche content so that it reaches the right audience.

You can expand your business in different ways once you’ve determined how much money you want to set aside for marketing. Would you like to know more about other OTT marketing strategies or OTT advertising strategies that can help enhance your OTT app revenue? Contact our OTT app team at any time.

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